Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Shankar Sharma, co-founder and joint managing director of First Global, is well-known for his expertise in the financial markets. During the fireside chat at the Business Standard BFSI Insight Summit, he shared his insights on the current state of the markets and the potential challenges and opportunities ahead.

Shankar emphasized the importance of careful analysis and strategic decision-making in navigating today’s volatile global economic environment. He also discussed the potential impact of various external factors, such as changing interest rates and trade policies, on the markets.

Sharma advised that the upcoming Budget 2023 should not tinker with the long-term capital gains (LTCG) tax at this time, as it could potentially harm the real estate market and overall economic growth. He also expressed his belief that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) should not have raised interest rates, as internal and external debt to GDP ratios are generally conservative indicators of an economy’s health.

Despite these concerns, Sharma remained optimistic about India’s future prospects, stating that the country will be one of the top two performing markets going forward. He contrasted India’s approach with that of China, which has relied on a large accumulation of debt to fuel its economic growth. According to Sharma, investors are increasingly preferring India over China as a post-pandemic investment destination, and India ranks second only to the US in terms of investment returns.

Overall, Shankar’s perspective was one of cautious optimism, as he highlighted the potential for growth and innovation even in times of uncertainty. His insights were well-received by the audience and have sparked further discussion and debate among attendees.


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