Friday, December 1, 2023
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It had been almost a year since DENSO Philippines Corporation (DNPH) began operations for its P60 million hydroponic Smart AgriTech Farm in Ibaan, Batangas. The Ibaan farm serves as a showcase for the company’s ongoing research on automation & Internet of Things (IoT) in the local agriculture industry while producing quality vegetables and fruits.

A global automotive manufacturer with corporate headquarters in the city of Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, DENSO PH has been known to manufacture and supply high-technology automotive parts to well-known Japanese, American, and European brands globally.

Now, venturing into the world of agriculture, DNPH aims to provide innovative solutions to the agricultural challenges the Philippines has faced throughout the years.

Quality crops have been growing in the Batangas Smart AgriTech Farm as these are housed in climate, and pest-resilient greenhouses utilizing agriculture’s best practices with DNPH strengths in manufacturing like Kaizen mind set, following Job Instruction Sheet (JIS), Inventory & Production control planning, data analysis and other Japanese manufacturing practice that will professionalize PH agriculture. Moreover, crops are commercially grown through recirculating hydroponic technology, a process that substitutes soil with coco peats to grow crops. Through this, water remains in the farm’s system and gets reused.

Climate-resilient greenhouses will house the growing crops of the Smart AgriTech Farm.

The farm will also minimize the use of chemicals. Doing so decreases its carbon footprint, with DNPH actively researching how it can engage in carbon credits trading in the near future.

DNPH, with its partner DENSO TECHNO Phils (DTPH), provides software solutions, that will further improve on the innovation and modernization of Philippine agriculture through a prototype testing of its Automation and IoT system. Firstly, it will be the Auto Dosing system dubbed Autodose 1 which will be used to control and manage irrigation, nutrient, and pH levels, as well as log data trends and set alarms when parameters go off the standard. The company intends for the system to be low-cost so it will be affordable to local farmers, especially those whose farm size is two hectares and below. 

DNPH describes this as a pioneer product that will boost small-scale farming in the country. The automation and IoT system it’s currently developing aims to support Filipino farmers in better managing their farms through data analysis, enabling them to increase productivity, and consequently, their income.

Apart from these innovative farming solutions, a unique point of the Batangas Smart AgriTech Farm is its post-harvest facility wherein quality control and packaging are done using returnable packaging. Cold-chain technology is also used to transport crops, minimizing post-harvest losses while maintaining freshness. These procedures ensure that clients will get goods of only superior quality.

High-value crops are truly essential in supporting urban farming activities in the Philippines, and DNPH fully supports that through its hydroponic Smart AgriTech Farm that can address not only the issues of farmers in the country but the low supply of vegetables and food security.

Truly an innovative approach in the realm of local agriculture, DNPH Smart AgriTech Farm, through its vision of a food-secure and resilient Philippines, will surely provide the agrarian and nourishment needs of our countrymen and improve the welfare of our local farmers.


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