Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Apple, Google, and Mozilla are teaming up to enhance the internet browsing experience. They are developing a web-based benchmark tool called Speedometer 3, which is similar to the benchmark tools used to measure mobile performance. This cross-industry collaborative effort will test the real-time performance of various Google, Apple, and other apps.

Speedometer 3 will evaluate the responsiveness of web applications by measuring the time it takes for simulated user interactions on different workloads. The main aim of this platform is to accurately replicate the real-world web as much as possible. It is expected to benefit users and improve their overall web browsing experience.

“Nobody intentionally builds a website that lags or stutters. The Web promises smooth experiences, but sometimes it falls short. When it does, users suffer,” tweeted Mozilla.

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser globally, followed by Safari and Microsoft Edge. Mozilla Firefox ranks fourth. The collaboration between Apple, Google, and Mozilla will allow each company to learn about each other’s web engine protocols, which will ultimately improve the user experience for users.

In other news, Google has also announced that its Chrome browser will soon notify users about price drops for products. Users won’t need to refresh pages constantly to check if the price of a product has decreased. In a blog post, the company stated that users can opt to receive email or mobile alerts from Chrome to keep track of regular price drops. This feature is currently available on desktops and Android devices in the US and can be activated by selecting “track price” in the Chrome address bar.


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