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This June, GCash, the Philippines’ leading mobile wallet, joins the celebration of Pride Month by promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion not only within its work culture but also through its accessible financial services.

GCash adheres to international goals such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in advocating gender equality while reducing workspace inequalities of all kinds and promoting inclusive economic growth.

Product for All: Inclusive financial products

GCash, through GInsure, is an avenue for its partner insurance companies to support the mandate of the Insurance Commission (IC) to allow policyholders to designate their same-sex partners as beneficiaries for their plans.

With GInsure, same-sex couples can now have access to a wide selection of affordable insurance products from GCash’s insurance partners namely FPG Insurance, Singlife, Sun Life, and Generali. These companies allow LGBTQIA+ couples to easily designate their partners as beneficiaries for their chosen insurance coverage.

“All people – regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, must experience fair and equitable access to market opportunities. That’s why we at GCash have developed simple, affordable, and inclusive products, and work with like-minded partners that promote fair and non-discriminatory processes for users – breaking the stigma and bias against the LGBTQIA+ population,” says GCash head of new business Winsley Bangit.

Aside from offering inclusive financial products for all, GCash also helps the community have equal and fair access to funding and loans through a suite of lending products such as GGives, GLoans, and GCredit.

These services have a non-discriminatory and easy application process as it only considers in-app behaviour and approve eligibility regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, place of birth, family background, race, age, or ability.

Cultivating a diverse and inclusive work culture

More than just providing inclusive financial services, GCash also values the importance of embracing its employees’ unique identities.

GCash upholds non-discriminatory policies which allow its employees to freely express themselves. This policy ensures all employees, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, are being treated fairly in work evaluation, and are given equal employment opportunities where everyone can advance into leadership positions and progress into their career path. The company follows a no-mandatory dress code per gender and requires employees, company-wide, to undergo Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training to further educate and empower each one to cultivate a safe space for all in and out of the company.

To strengthen the community spirit among its employees, GCash is also a proud member of the Philippine Financial & Inter-Industry Pride (PFIP) – a collaborative, voluntary, and non-profit community that serves as the leading voice and champion of LGBTQIA+ workplace inclusion in the Philippines.

GCash also conducts relevant and meaningful communities where employees can connect with like-minded peers such as GCash Pride Club while encouraging the talent of the community through participation in Drag Events and the Pride Parade. “No one should experience prejudice as everyone deserves to have a voice and be treated fairly wherever they are. At GCash, we always make it a mission to foster an inclusive work culture where different views, backgrounds, cultures, and experiences are valued and nurtured. This is one of the company’s ways to effectively address not only the needs of our consumers but of the very people behind this amazing app. With the help of GCash’s diverse team and leaders, we are on our way to making our “Finance for All“ vision a reality,” says GCash chief people officer Robert Gonzales.

Beyond the historic Pride Month, GCash continues to become a better ally to the community and remains firm in its mission to make Filipino lives better every day and transform the country into a more equal, diverse, and inclusive nation where everyone from all walks of life can work with pride, now more than ever.


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