Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Earlier today, Russian politician Dmitry Medvedev took to Twitter with a list of bold (some bordering on whimsical) predictions for 2023. In the tweet, and comments that followed, the former Prime Minister and President of Russia declared that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank will crash, the Euro and Dollar will stop circulating as global reserve currencies, and digital fiat currencies issued by central banks will become more widespread.

But these predictions aren’t the only ones Medvedev has made. He also predicts that oil prices will reach $150 per barrel and gas prices will surpass $5,000 per 1,000 cubic meters. The United Kingdom will reportedly rejoin the European Union, causing the EU to collapse, and there will be a new civil war in the United States, resulting in California and Texas becoming independent states and forming an alliance with Mexico.

In the midst of all this chaos, Medvedev believes that Twitter CEO Elon Musk will win the presidential election in certain states, and the largest stock markets will shift to Asia. Poland and Hungary will reportedly occupy western Ukraine and parts of Germany, leading to the creation of the Fourth Reich, and a war between France and the Fourth Reich will divide Europe and lead to the repatriation of Poland. Additionally, Northern Ireland may separate from the UK and join the Republic of Ireland.

While Medvedev’s forecasts may seem far-fetched , it’s always interesting to consider what the future may hold. But until 2023 rolls around, it’s best to take these predictions with a grain of salt.


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