Saturday, July 13, 2024
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RIYADH: At a time of recession, Saudi leaders and adopters are 2.8 times more likely to accelerate innovation efforts, according to a new study.

Dell Technologies Innovation Index, which polled 6,600 employees across more than 45 countries, also revealed that innovation followers and laggards are more likely to decelerate.

The index also showed that in Saudi Arabia 93 percent of respondents agree that their businesses have a vibrant culture of innovation.

“To remain relevant and prosper in today’s digital economy requires a combination of talent, innovative ideas, and technological foresight,” said Mohamed Talaat, vice president, of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, and Levant at Dell Technologies.

He added: “As Saudi Arabia works towards unlocking its true potential across industries, it would serve the region well to focus on small, practical concepts that support increased productivity, profitability, and purpose alongside breakthrough ideas.”

Talaat went on to say that this change is crucial in propelling a new area of human advancement.

The index also shed light on some struggles that are the most cited international technology obstacles to innovation, such as growing cloud costs.

In addition to this, difficulties regarding integrating the overall business planning with the IT infrastructure architecture also drag down innovation.

Other technology obstacles hindering innovation include time and money spent to migrate apps to new cloud environments, cybersecurity threats, and the lack of IT infrastructure to meet and process data at the edge.

The index disclosed that as many as 93 percent of respondents are actively seeking out technologies to support them in realizing their innovation goals and objectives.

However, up to 56 percent believe their technology is not cutting edge, which makes them fear they will fall behind their competitors.

In June, during the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Global Technology Forum in Paris, Saudi experts talked about the Kingdom’s achievements in the tech sector, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Daniah Orkoubi, the deputy minister for technology foresight and digital economy, used the forum to highlight Saudi Arabia’s efforts to create an advanced digital infrastructure that can rival the best in the world, in line with the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 development and diversification plan.


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