Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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SINGAPORE: Coldplay just broke the record for most tickets sold in Singapore, but Twitter users who tried, and failed, to buy tickets, are very unhappy. The UK pop band announced, however, that “Due to incredible demand,” it’s adding another date to the Singapore leg of its Music of the Spheres tour, the first act to ever perform six nights in the city-state.

Over 200,000 tickets, priced between $68 and $298 were bought by fans during the presale on Monday (June 18). But so many others, who had joined the online queue at Ticketmaster, expressed a lot of frustration when they could not purchase tickets after all.

Ticketmaster had issued around one million virtual queue numbers in all for the Coldplay shows, The Straits Times reported. However, after tickets started selling at 10 am, many of those who queued said that they experienced frozen or blank screens, or landed on a page that had no option for ticket purchases.

Others said they got kicked out of the queues and ended up losing their early numbers.

A Reddit user wrote “Coldplay presale: Cannot buy tickets – I entered the coldplay presale and queued until my queue time was almost done – then the website said I was now in, and I was redirected to this page which had absolutely no means of purchasing tickets? Anyone know what’s going on? Thanks <3

The situation even reached ridiculous proportions as some even clamoured for tickets to be sold only to Singaporeans.


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