Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Cairo – aiBANK, a leading provider of integrated retail, corporate, and Islamic banking solutions in Egypt, has announced the launch of aiPremier Elite, a new segment offering distinguished services catered to high-net-worth clients. This initiative showcases aiBANK’s unwavering commitment to delivering personalized and comprehensive financial services while fostering long-term relationships with its esteemed clientele. Recognizing the evolving demands of high-net-worth individuals, the bank has curated an exclusive suite of offerings designed to provide unparalleled convenience, flexibility, and sophistication.

The banking services under aiPremier Elite will provide a seamless and personalized banking experience, ensuring that high-net-worth clients receive priority attention and access to exclusive channels. Each client will have a dedicated relationship manager, and exclusive waiting lounges at aiBANK branches will offer comfort and privacy. Additionally, priority processing for all essential banking transactions will be available. To further enhance the banking experience, aiPremier Elite clients can open an account and issue checkbooks at no additional expenses, facilitating ease in managing finances. A platinum credit card with a sizable credit limit of up to EGP 1 million will also be offered to aiPremier Elite customers.

Under aiPremier Elite, clients will have access to preferential pricing and customized lending solutions for aiPremier Elite loans. Attractive real estate financing options will enable clients to obtain loans of up to EGP 15 million at competitive rates.

Sherif Nada, Head of Retail, Branches Network & Business Banking at aiBANK, emphasized the commitment to exceed clients’ expectations with exclusive and tailored services, exceptional convenience, and unmatched quality. He stated that the new segment was thoughtfully designed to meet and exceed the expectations of the discerning clientele. The benefits were carefully curated to offer members a wide range of banking and non-banking services, including travel, access to luxury partners, medical services, and attractive loans.

Aside from banking services, aiPremier Elite features a bespoke banking experience with a range of non-banking services. This includes personal assistance benefits such as government paperwork services, domestic services for home maintenance and house cleaning, bill payments, entertainment options like concert tickets and restaurant reservations, and health benefits with booking appointments for doctors, hospitals, and health clubs. Additionally, aiPremier Elite travel benefits include complimentary Ahlan Airport Services, transportation to and from the airport, airline ticket and hotel reservation assistance, and help in obtaining a tourist visa. The segment also offers sophisticated lifestyle benefits, such as complimentary golf classes, spa access, and hotel stays.

The launch of aiPremier Elite is part of aiBANK’s strategy to expand bespoke financial offerings to multiple segments, growing their portfolio of value-added services and benefits while extending their reach in the market. aiBANK aims to provide its high-net-worth clients with a comprehensive and personalized suite of services, catering to all aspects of their financial and lifestyle needs.


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