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ABU DHABI, 12th July, 2023 (WAM) — The World Muslim Communities Council (TWMCC) organised a training course. themed ‘Formation of Leaders in the Fields of Religious Discourse and Education’ in Accra, Ghana.

Hasan Al Marzouqi, the Assistant Secretary-General of TWMCC, delivered the Council’s inaugural speech, in which he referred to the role played by the Council in supporting the Muslim community in Ghana in particular and in Africa in general. He also praised the climate of coexistence and tolerance enjoyed by the Republic of Ghana, praising the role of the Muslim community and its distinguished contributions to the construction and development process in Ghana.

Al Marzouqi noted the role played by the World Muslim Communities Council in correcting religious discourse, developing and preparing religious education curricula and governance of religious institutions in Muslim societies. He alluded to the government institutions in the Republic of Ghana, and their cooperation in organising and hosting this course, and all the experts, directors of participating educational institutions, and religious leaders.

On his part, Mustapha Abdul-Hamid, Chief Executive Officer of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), extended his thanks and appreciation to UAE’s institutions that were the reason for his inspiration and encouragement to establish ‘Education Ghana’ as a non-government organisation concerned with educating Muslims, especially in poor communities called in the local language “Zongo”.

He also pointed out that the only way for Muslims in Ghana to flourish is through education that enables them to actively participate in serving their country, developing their society, and contributing effectively to the progress of the Republic of Ghana, whose constitution gives full rights to all religions and sects to practice their rituals and express their beliefs in various forms.

Dr Khidr Abdul Baqi Muhammad, Director of the Nigerian Center for Arab Research in Nigeria, also addressed the importance of national integration and belonging to the homelands to achieve peace, stability, and prosperity for Muslims and focused on the need to move away from the differences and conflicts that exist in history and not to transfer or repeat them. He called for Muslims to focus in Africa on their reality and issues, discuss their Islamic origin and history, and not be preoccupied with the origin and history of others.

The World Muslim Communities Council is an international non-governmental organisation established on May 8, 2018. It’s headquartered in Abu Dhabi and has over 900 Islamic organisations and institutions from 142 countries. It is considered a house of expertise to rationalise organisations and associations operating in Muslim societies, renew their thinking, and improve their performance and coordination among themselves.


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