Sunday, June 23, 2024
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The UK Home Office has put into effect new visa regulations that prevent overseas care workers, including those from India, from bringing their dependant family members to the UK. The decision, enacted this week, aims to address what the Home Office deems as a “disproportionate” scenario, where last year, 120,000 dependants accompanied 100,000 workers on the care visa route.

Home Secretary James Cleverly defended the move, highlighting the necessity to combat visa misuse and decrease “unsustainable” levels of legal migration. He acknowledged the invaluable contribution of care workers to society but emphasized the government’s commitment to addressing abuse and manipulation within the immigration system.

Minister for Social Care Helen Whately supported the rules, stating that international care workers play a crucial role but underscoring the importance of finding a long-term, domestic solution to social care needs. The reforms include establishing a national career path for care workers and introducing a new care qualification to bolster the domestic workforce. As part of a broader initiative, the Home Office estimates that 300,000 individuals eligible to come to the UK last year will no longer have that option. Furthermore, a review of the Graduate Route for international students has been initiated to ensure its efficacy, with Indian nationals comprising the largest beneficiary group of this visa.

This review follows recent alterations to student visas, which ceased the majority of post-graduate students’ ability to bring dependants to the UK. Commencing April 4, the minimum salary for those entering on the Skilled Worker visa will see a significant increase, affecting the financial prerequisites for family visas as well.


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