Friday, April 12, 2024
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In an exclusive interview with Business Today TV, Cristiano Amon, President & CEO of Qualcomm, provided a ray of hope for industries impacted by the semiconductor chip supply crisis. Amon expressed confidence that the nightmare of shortages would soon be behind us, with the prediction that supply and demand would normalize by the end of 2022.

Highlighting the importance of a global, resilient, and diversified semiconductor supply chain, Amon emphasized the need to avoid future crises caused by natural disasters. He acknowledged that the supply chain crisis had taught the industry valuable lessons about the indispensability of semiconductors in the digital economy. Governments worldwide are now actively engaging in building resilient semiconductor supply chains, recognizing that this challenge cannot be tackled by a single country alone.

When questioned about India’s plans for self-reliance in semiconductors, Amon expressed optimism about the country’s potential to collaborate with partners. India’s scale and talent pool provide a significant opportunity to establish semiconductor manufacturing capabilities, whether through direct manufacture or by attracting existing supply chain players. Amon encouraged countries globally to vie for industry attention, recognizing the tremendous growth potential of semiconductors across various sectors.

As the world’s largest fabless semiconductor company, Qualcomm has been outsourcing its manufacturing, transforming into one of the largest semiconductor foundries worldwide. This approach enables Qualcomm to adapt swiftly to changing market dynamics and contribute to resolving the supply chain challenges.

While challenges remain, the positive outlook shared by Qualcomm’s CEO signals a potential turning point in the semiconductor chip supply crisis. With concerted efforts from global stakeholders, the industry can strive toward a resilient future, ensuring uninterrupted technological advancements for a digitally-driven world.


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