Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Elon Musk’s announcement of an upcoming Twitter, now rebranded as X, app for Tesla Inc.TSLA vehicles has ignited excitement and concern, as the prospect of in-car X video viewing raises serious questions about distracted driving.

Musk made waves last October when he acquired Twitter for a staggering $44 billion. Since then, the tech mogul has wasted no time putting his stamp on the social media platform and rebranded it as “X.” Now, Musk has big plans to integrate X into Tesla vehicles.

It all began with a tweet from a curious Tesla user who asked, “How do you watch X videos on a Tesla?” In response, Musk said, “We will make an app allowing you to see the latest from X on your car screen.” The announcement was met with a mix of enthusiasm and skepticism.

While many users welcomed the idea of having access to X content on their Tesla screens, with some suggesting additional features like a dedicated Discord app or the ability to create AI art while parked at a supercharging station — not everyone was on board.

Concerns about distracted driving quickly surfaced. One commenter expressed worry about the potential for accidents, stating, “Isn’t it too much to operate while driving, might result in distractions too. X is enough alone to distract us.”

Another user echoed this sentiment, cautioning, “You can watch X and respond while at a supercharging station, though.

While it’s awaited how Musk plans to integrate X into Tesla, it’s obvious these concerns aren’t unique or something that the company doesn’t know already. It would be interesting to see how Tesla plans to achieve it without compromising passenger safety.


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