Friday, April 12, 2024
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Microsoft has recently announced the launch of a new graphic design tool called Designer, which is built to compete with other popular design tools like Canva and Adobe’s Adobe Express Tool. Designer offers a variety of features and capabilities to help users with their graphic design needs.

One of the key features of Designer is its interface, which is similar to Canva’s. This similarity makes it easier for users who are already familiar with Canva to adapt to Designer quickly. Moreover, Designer can help users create designs for a range of purposes, including posters, presentations, digital postcards, invitations, and visuals for social media and other digital platforms.

Designer uses OpenAI’s text-to-image model, DALL-E2, to conceptualize designs and offer a wide range of customizations and personalizations. With the help of AI, Designer simplifies the creative journey for users, offering an easy start, augmenting their creative workflows, and helping them overcome creative roadblocks.

In a blog post, Microsoft mentioned that Designer is built to assist users at every stage of the creative process. Since its launch, the AI models for Designer have been steadily improving, offering greater control to users. Additionally, to help with inspiration while browsing the internet, Microsoft is offering Designer within the Microsoft Edge sidebar.

The Microsoft Designer tool is currently available for free public preview. Users can try it out by visiting the website or logging into their Microsoft account. Moreover, the Designer preview is also available in the Microsoft Edge sidebar, which can be accessed by clicking the “+” icon to enable it.

In conclusion, with the launch of Designer, Microsoft aims to provide a powerful graphic design tool that can compete with other popular design tools in the market. The use of AI and OpenAI’s DALL-E2 model in Designer makes it an innovative and effective tool for users to create unique and high-quality graphics in less time.


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