Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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It has been an interesting time in the M&A world. There have been plenty of deals but as arbitrageurs, with risk free returns being greater than 5%, one must examine the risk-reward in each deal more carefully than ever. On the other hand, there are some wide spreads due to the recent heavy regulatory scrutiny both here in the US and abroad.

1) Horizon Therapeutics Held by 28 funds 34% IRR
2) Activision Blizzard Held by 21 funds 23% IRR
3) Seagen (SGEN) Held by 21 funds 38% IRR
4) VMware (VMW) Held by 15 funds 61% IRR
5) National Instruments Corporation (NATI) Held by 15 funds 6% IRR
6) Syneos Health (SYNH) Held by 13 funds 4% IRR
7) Focus Financial Partners (FOCS) Held by 14 funds 14% IRR
8) Albertsons Companies (ACI) Held by 12 funds 53% IRR
9) CIRCOR International (CIR) Held by 8 funds 3% IRR
10) NeoGames (NGMS) Held by 8 funds 12% IRR
Horizon Therapeutics Top Position in 9 Funds
Activision Blizzard Top Position in 4 Funds
VMware Top Position in 2 Funds
Horizon Therapeutics 63% of a Fund
Activision Blizzard 29% of a fund
National Instruments Corporation 15% of a Fund
PNM Resources 15% of a Fund


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