Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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South Korea and the United States have come to an agreement regarding the loan of 500,000 155 mm artillery rounds. Although artillery rounds are typically not borrowed with the expectation of return, this agreement is beneficial for South Korea. Despite the fact that South Korea cannot provide lethal weapons to Ukraine due to its own security situation and North Korea’s nuclear and missile threat, the country is able to assist the United States in replenishing its ammunition reserves. South Korea is a significant ally of the United States in the Asian region and is one of the largest producers of artillery ammunition. In the previous year, the U.S. government purchased 100,000 155mm rounds from South Korea and was scheduled to acquire the same amount or more in February 2023, but the South Korean government has now opted to lease the ammunition instead. The specifics of this leasing agreement, as well as whether South Korea will receive its missiles back in the future, are currently unknown.


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