Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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“Centered on the spirit of seriousness to which His Majesty King Mohammed VI has called His People, and on the dignity to which all citizens are entitled, His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s speech set a clear course and a generous vision for Morocco,” said Dati in a statement.

“A stable and innovative country, Morocco is moving forward with determination into the future,” she added, noting that the very voluntary economic measures announced by His Majesty the King underline “the strength of the Moroccan economy” and its “very good integration into international trade.”

The Sovereign has always made the development of renewable energies and industrial sectors linked to the green economy a priority of His reign. “Under His impetus, the development in Morocco of the hydrogen-powered car will be an indisputable marker of the dynamic nature of the Moroccan economy”, she said.

In keeping with His constant concern for young people, HM the King has reaffirmed His confidence in their creative genius and innovative spirit, noted Dati.

”Encouraging them to redouble their inventiveness and creativity, HM the King has made young people a pillar of the Kingdom’s economic development, the guarantee of a generous and forward-looking Nation”, said the French right-wing figure, stressing that ”the rigorous commitment of Moroccan youth is the surest guarantee of the Kingdom’s development and its international influence.”

She also noted that “the relevance and vision of the Moroccan autonomy initiative in the Sahara, and the prospects for peace and development that it opens up for the Kingdom’s southern provinces, have led to the multiple international recognitions of Morocco’s sovereignty over its provinces, achieved thanks to the Sovereign’s unwavering commitment.”

With regard to Morocco’s joint bid with Portugal and Spain to host the 2030 World Cup, highlighted in the royal speech, Dati said that this was testimony to the “very good diplomatic climate, in a spirit of peace and dialogue, that His Majesty King Mohammed VI has tirelessly developed over recent years.”


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