Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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NATO and the European Union (EU) have pledged to increase their support for Ukraine in its fight against Russia’s invasion. The announcement came after NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg signed a joint declaration with EU officials.

Countries within NATO and the EU, which share 21 members, have already provided Ukraine with billions of dollars’ worth of arms, helping the country push back Moscow’s forces. The United States, Germany, and France have now announced plans to supply Ukraine with armored fighting vehicles. However, Ukraine has called for the provision of modern heavy tanks as well.

“I think that Ukraine should get all the necessary military equipment they need and they can handle to defend the homeland,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Stoltenberg added, “This is not only about adding more systems, more platforms, more weapons, but also ensuring that the platforms, the weapons we have already provided are working as they should.”

The support from NATO and EU come amid Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which has destabilized the European security order and prompted calls for the EU and NATO to work more closely together to protect the continent. Both organizations agreed that NATO, backed by the military might of the United States, remains the cornerstone for Europe’s security, despite attempts by the EU to increase its role in defense.

“Our declaration makes clear that NATO remains the foundation of collective defense and remains essential for Euro-Atlantic security,” said Stoltenberg. “It also recognizes the value of a more capable European defense that contributes positively to our security and is complementary to and interoperable with NATO.”


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