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In this message, Mayara expresses, on his own behalf and on behalf of all the members of the House of Councilors, his sincere feelings of loyalty and fidelity, as well as his unwavering attachment to the glorious Alawid Throne.

The Speaker of the House of Councilors welcomed the happy coincidence of this important constitutional event with the advent of the New Year of the Hegira 1445, and with the Moroccan people’s celebration of the 24th anniversary of HM King Mohammed VI’s accession to the throne of His glorious ancestors.

This session, which has now ended, was marked by an important balance sheet in all areas of legislative action, control and diplomacy carried out by the Chamber, within the framework of the Kingdom’s Constitution and in accordance with the far-sighted High Directions of HM the King and His perspicacious vision, with the determination to continue to work always for the consolidation of today’s edifice, the promotion of a promising future and the realization of the aspirations of the Moroccan people.

On the legislative front, Mr. Mayara indicated that the House of Councilors had adopted 23 bills relating to major projects that enjoy the Royal High Solicitude, adding that the House held 13 plenary sessions devoted to oral questions put to the government on topical issues relating to various social and economic aspects affecting Moroccan citizens and businesses, in addition to two monthly sessions on public policy, in the presence of the Head of Government, one on “national policy in the field of tourism” and the other on “the charter of administrative deconcentration and the challenge of territorial and social equity.”

In this message, Mayara also reported that the Chamber had continued, during this session, to take note of the commitments made by members of the government during oral question sessions, while receiving responses on the follow-up to some of these commitments made during the October session, in addition to the meetings held by the standing committees with members of the government on crucial national issues.

With regard to the evaluation of public policies, the Speaker of the upper house reported that the annual session devoted to the examination and evaluation of public policies had been held on July 18 on the theme of “Education and training: the challenges of reform”, adding that the institution had also examined the report of the thematic working group on “integrated programs for people with disabilities.”

On the subject of relations between the House of Councilors and other constitutional institutions, he affirmed that the Chamber had continued its efforts to consolidate coordination with the House of Representatives on issues of common interest, particularly with regard to the examination of reports from constitutional institutions, starting with the presentation by the First President of the Court of Auditors on the activities of the financial jurisdictions for the year 2021.

In terms of parliamentary diplomacy, Mayara emphasized that the House of Councilors had pursued its action and commitment within the framework of regional, continental, and international parliamentary organizations, as well as on a bilateral level, mobilizing to this end all its energy and potential in favor of the defense of just national causes, headed by the issue of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity.

On this occasion, the House of Councilors can only welcome and express its pride in the diplomatic and political achievements of our country, under the enlightened leadership of Your Majesty, illustrated by the multiplication of acts of recognition of the Moroccan character of the Sahara, confirming the geographical realities and historical links, as well as the growing support for Your judicious proposal to grant this part of the Kingdom a broad autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty,” he said.

He added that “the House of Councilors will continue, in cooperation and complementarity with official diplomacy, its efforts to lift the veil on the reality of this artificial conflict and to abort any kind of plot to undermine our legitimate rights and territorial integrity.”

In parallel with this effort in favor of the first national cause, Mayara pointed out that the House of Councilors, all components included, also takes a leading interest in other crucial national issues and in cooperation with the parliaments of friendly and brotherly countries, within the framework of joint action with parliamentary unions, while sharing with their experience and expertise in fields concerning economic, social, human and environmental development, as well as clean energies and new technologies, in addition to promoting peace and security in the world, the values of tolerance and moderation, and dialogue and understanding between peoples.

The House of Councilors takes this opportunity to reiterate its strong commitment, under Your wise leadership, to raising Morocco to the rank of emerging countries, so as to consolidate its modernity and progress, and preserve its achievements in terms of territorial integrity, democracy, the rule of law, the promotion of sustainable development and the consecration of social peace”, he concluded.


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