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الثقة للمعاقين يطلق مبادرة " زنبق السلام" لتعزيز الاستدامة البيئية والمسؤولية المجتمعيةSHARJAH, 5th July 2023 (WAM) — In an effort to promote environmental sustainability and social responsibility, the Al Thiqah Club for the Disabled has launched an initiative titled “Peace Lily.” For a better tomorrow, this groundbreaking initiative encourages good deeds, maintains green areas, and promotes environmental sustainability.

The initiative was introduced by Dr. Tariq Sultan bin Khadim, Chairman of Al Thiqah Club, with the goal of distributing Lily flowers (a symbol of peace) to the club’s supportive partners in the community and in government. Dr. bin Khadim lauded the work of the Sharjah Sports Council in promoting community involvement and advancing the goals of sports and environmental sustainability.

He reaffirmed the club’s dedication to improving the lives of its members and the surrounding community through environmental and sports advocacy, education on sustainability issues, community engagement in green development, and the backing of national strategies in these areas.

The club’s Executive Director Ahmed Salm Al Madhlum Al Suwaidi echoed this sentiment, saying that the programme is only one of many continuous efforts to raise environmental and social consciousness.

He affirmed that the “Peace Lily” project will be an important addition to the club’s efforts to achieve sustainable development and raise environmental awareness in all sectors of society, ultimately leading to the creation of a more progressive and environmentally superior community.


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