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New Delhi, August 11, 2023 — In a stunning move that underscores its commitment to redefining its identity, Air India revealed a captivating new brand identity and aircraft livery on Thursday. The airline, under the wings of Tata Group for over a year and a half, is charting an ambitious course of transformation, and this visual reimagining is a striking testament to that journey.

The heart of the new design lies in the reinterpretation of an iconic Indian window shape, an emblematic feature historically associated with Air India. This classic window, now transformed into a resplendent gold frame, takes centre stage within the airline’s new brand design system. More than a mere aesthetic choice, this gold-framed window encapsulates a profound metaphor—a ‘Window of Possibilities’—a representation of Air India’s unwavering commitment to endless potential and evolution.

A significant element of this metamorphosis is Air India’s new symbol, ‘The Vista.’ Inspired by the zenith of the gold window frame, ‘The Vista’ encapsulates notions of boundless opportunities, progressive ideals, and a resolute and confident vision for the airline’s future. As elaborated in an official statement, this symbol reflects not just a change in appearance, but a profound shift in perspective.

The airline’s new visual identity extends beyond symbolism. Adorned with a colour palette featuring deep reds, aubergine hues, and touches of gold, the fresh aircraft livery emanates an aura of sophistication and modernity. This aesthetic voyage is enriched further by a chakra-inspired pattern, intertwining tradition with contemporary style. Accompanying this makeover is the introduction of ‘Air India Sans,’ a bespoke typeface that harmoniously blends self-assuredness with warmth, positioning Air India as a paragon of premium service, inclusivity, and accessibility.

Crafted in collaboration with FutureBrand, a pioneering brand transformation agency, this new identity will progressively unfold across the Air India experience. Commencing in December 2023, passengers will find the new logo adorning their journey, coinciding with the introduction of the airline’s inaugural A350 aircraft donning the revamped livery.

Tata Group’s takeover of the previously struggling Air India in January 2022 marked a pivotal juncture in the airline’s history. A strategic move aimed at reshaping the carrier’s trajectory, it paved the way for significant advancements. Earlier this year, Air India placed a groundbreaking order for 470 aircraft from aviation giants Airbus and Boeing, an investment totalling a staggering USD 70 billion based on list prices. These innovative aircraft are set to join the fleet, with deliveries commencing this November, embodying the airline’s forward-looking approach.

Aligned with its comprehensive transformation blueprint, Air India’s current initiatives encompass both acquisitions and enhancements. This year alone, the airline is poised to acquire and lease 20 wide-body aircraft. Moreover, an extensive USD 400 million overhaul program is on the horizon, meticulously targeting the refurbishment of the interiors of the existing legacy fleet of 43 widebody aircraft. By March 2024, a remarkable 33% of the wide-body fleet is projected to undergo this revitalizing upgrade.

The strategic transformation plan, signified by the stages ‘Taxi’ and ‘Take Off,’ orchestrated under the banner of Vihaan.AI, has set its sights on revitalizing the airline. ‘Taxi,’ the initial phase, diligently tackled legacy challenges on a sweeping scale, establishing a robust foundation for future growth. The second phase, aptly named ‘Take Off,’ is currently in full swing, devoted to cultivating the platforms, processes, and systems crucial for Air India’s ascent to excellence.

As Air India unveils its vibrant new visage, its trajectory is unmistakably poised towards an exhilarating era of reinvigoration and distinction. This revamped brand identity and livery serve as an enthralling prelude to the remarkable chapters that lie ahead, solidifying Air India’s stance as a true trailblazer in the aviation realm.


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