Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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During Ramadan, Muslims worldwide engage in introspection, fasting, and prayer, seeking spiritual renewal and connection with the Divine. However, this Ramadan is marked by sorrow, especially for the people of Palestine enduring unimaginable hardships under conflict and oppression. In Gaza, life hangs by a thread amid bombings and siege, with no traditional iftar meals or joyful gatherings.

In this month of reflection, we must confront their plight and transcend borders to extend compassion. Ramadan calls us to rekindle empathy, stand in solidarity with the oppressed, and speak out against injustice. As we break our fasts, let’s remember those who hunger and thirst, resisting extravagance and opting for simplicity.

Ramadan is a journey of self-discovery. Let’s walk this path with humility, mindful of suffering, and determined to make a difference. For in serving others, we serve the Divine, finding solace for our own souls.


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