Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Fraser, who has led Citi for three years, initiated a significant reorganization last autumn to revive the bank. Investors and analysts are closely watching whom she might favor as a successor, as this could indicate the strategic direction she envisions for the bank. However, appointing an outsider might alienate long-time Citi veterans who also have leadership ambitions.

The hiring of Raghavan, a seasoned JPMorgan dealmaker, has been particularly notable. Raghavan, who left JPMorgan shortly after being named global head of its investment bank, is now a vice-chair of Citi and runs its newly combined investment and corporate banking division. His appointment has stirred concerns about the potential loss of existing talent at Citi, particularly within its wealth division, which has seen numerous senior departures since Sieg’s arrival.

Tim Ryan, formerly the top US executive at PwC, will oversee technology and contribute to Citi’s ongoing transformation. Known for his integrity and strategic acumen, Ryan’s role will encompass responsibilities previously held by departing executives Mike Whitaker and Titi Cole.

While Fraser is not expected to step down soon, the new hires have fueled speculation about succession plans. The bank’s board emphasized the importance of having a sound CEO succession strategy but refrained from commenting on the future potential of the new executives. Fraser’s efforts to address Citi’s strategic challenges and enhance its leadership team are seen as crucial steps in revitalizing the bank and ensuring its competitive edge in the financial sector.


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