• World 682,567,355
    Confirmed: 682,567,355
    Active: 20,258,695
    Recovered: 655,488,717
    Death: 6,819,943
  • USA 105,972,038
    Confirmed: 105,972,038
    Active: 1,233,218
    Recovered: 103,587,178
    Death: 1,151,642
  • India 44,696,338
    Confirmed: 44,696,338
    Active: 6,350
    Recovered: 44,159,182
    Death: 530,806
  • Japan 33,377,073
    Confirmed: 33,377,073
    Active: 11,593,113
    Recovered: 21,710,427
    Death: 73,533
  • Italy 25,651,205
    Confirmed: 25,651,205
    Active: 141,988
    Recovered: 25,320,467
    Death: 188,750
  • UK 24,423,396
    Confirmed: 24,423,396
    Active: 56,896
    Recovered: 24,158,042
    Death: 208,458
  • Indonesia 6,741,588
    Confirmed: 6,741,588
    Active: 3,660
    Recovered: 6,576,953
    Death: 160,975
  • Canada 4,609,277
    Confirmed: 4,609,277
    Active: 29,044
    Recovered: 4,528,609
    Death: 51,624
  • Singapore 2,234,996
    Confirmed: 2,234,996
    Active: 83,691
    Recovered: 2,149,583
    Death: 1,722
  • Saudi Arabia 831,502
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 831,502
    Active: 3,921
    Recovered: 817,957
    Death: 9,624
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Nanobubble technology leader Moleaer has announced the appointment of Rajan Gajaria to its Board of Directors. CEO of Moleaer, Nick Dyner, said, “Rajan brings a global and diverse perspective to our Board from his extensive career in agriculture that will help us pursue our strategy.” Gajaria brings with him nearly 30 years of experience in executive roles in the agriculture sector, including time spent as Executive Vice President of Global Business Platforms at Corteva, Inc. and Vice President of the Americas at Dow AgroSciences.

Gajaria said, “During my career, I’ve seen how innovations like Moleaer’s nanobubble technology can be transformative in addressing global challenges, such as food and water scarcity.” Moleaer’s nanobubble technology creates oxygen-infused nanobubbles, which are 2,500 times smaller than a grain of salt and stay suspended in water longer, reducing water usage, energy consumption, and harmful chemicals in various applications. The company has already installed more than 2,000 nanobubble generator installations in 40+ countries and was named to Fast Company’s 2022 list of Next Big Things in Tech.

With the appointment of Gajaria, Moleaer looks to identify new commercial opportunities, business models, and partners to advance its mission of making water do more with less. The nanobubble technology leader is well on its way to creating a more sustainable and water-secure future.


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