Sunday, June 23, 2024
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National Bank of Canada FI increased its stake in KeyCorp by 9.2% during the fourth quarter, as reported by Holdings The fund acquired an additional 18,820 shares, bringing its total holdings to 223,206 shares worth $3,261,000. This information comes from the fund’s most recent SEC filing.

Several other hedge funds also made significant investments in KeyCorp. The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Board purchased a new position valued at $274,773,000 during the third quarter. Ceredex Value Advisors LLC acquired a new stake worth $64,421,000 in the fourth quarter. FMR LLC increased its holdings by 14.4% during the third quarter, owning 31,781,539 shares valued at $341,969,000 after adding 3,992,226 shares. Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc. boosted its position by 16.2% in the third quarter, now holding 23,126,760 shares worth $248,844,000 after purchasing an additional 3,216,584 shares. Additionally, AQR Capital Management LLC saw a significant increase of 844.4% in its stake, now owning 3,160,631 shares worth $34,008,000 after adding 2,825,977 shares in the third quarter. Overall, 79.69% of KeyCorp’s stock is held by institutional investors.

In terms of insider transactions, CAO Douglas M. Schosser sold 3,326 shares on February 15th at an average price of $14.00, totaling $46,564. Following this sale, Schosser owns 19,795 shares worth $277,130. Additionally, insider Kenneth C. Gavrity sold 2,376 shares on February 16th at an average price of $14.03, totaling $33,335.28. Following this transaction, Gavrity holds 98,120 shares valued at $1,376,623.60. These transactions are documented with the SEC.

KeyCorp shares opened at $15.08 on Monday, with a 50-day moving average of $14.92 and a 200-day moving average of $13.87. The stock has a twelve-month low of $8.73 and a high of $15.86. It has a market cap of $14.22 billion, a PE ratio of 19.09, and a beta of 1.28. The company’s quick and current ratios are both 0.87, with a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.72.

KeyCorp’s most recent earnings report, released on April 18th, showed earnings per share (EPS) of $0.22 for the quarter, slightly missing the consensus estimate of $0.23. The company reported a net margin of 7.53% and a return on equity of 8.89%, with revenue of $1.53 billion, slightly above the consensus estimate of $1.51 billion. Revenue was down 10.6% compared to the same quarter last year. Analysts forecast that KeyCorp will post an EPS of 1.14 for the current fiscal year.


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