Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Micron Technology has unveiled the Crucial® LPCAMM2, a cutting-edge laptop memory form factor featuring LPDDR5X mobile memory designed to elevate laptop performance for professionals and creators. With up to 58% lower active power consumption and a 64% reduction in space compared to DDR5 SODIMMs, LPCAMM2 offers enhanced bandwidth and dual-channel support in a single module. It is tailored to meet the demands of AI PC and complex workloads and is compatible with Lenovo® ThinkPad® P1 Gen 7 mobile workstations.

Jonathan Weech, senior director of product marketing for Micron’s Commercial Products Group, described LPCAMM2 as a revolutionary solution for mobile workstation users seeking the latest in mobile high-performance memory technology without compromising on performance, upgradeability, power efficiency, or space. He highlighted LPCAMM2’s role in delivering a future-proof memory solution, enabling faster speeds and longer battery life to support demanding creative and AI workloads.

Yasumichi Tsukamoto, vice president and distinguished engineer at Lenovo, emphasized the significance of LPCAMM2 for Lenovo’s ThinkPad P1 Gen 7, which can leverage this new form factor to enhance performance, accelerate AI workflows, increase memory capacity, and improve battery life for mobile workstations and lightweight laptops. The integration of low-power memory in LPCAMM2 modules also contributes to reduced energy consumption in Lenovo laptops.

By utilizing LPDDR5X memory, LPCAMM2 achieves speeds of up to 7,500MT/s, surpassing DDR5 SODIMMs by 1.3 times. Additionally, it minimizes power consumption and extends battery life, offering up to 80% less standby power compared to DDR5 SODIMMs. This advancement allows users to work longer on the go without sacrificing performance.


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